Our Companies.

  • Inbound Contact Center

    1-800 number, help-desk and sales with Portuguese and Spanish-speaking capabilities.

  • Lead Generation

    Creating sales leads which might convert into sales for your company.

  • Database

    Create, improve or update Database Marketing.

  • Outbound Contact Center

    Native Portuguese and Spanish-speaking agents fully trained that can help your business with any specific needs.

  • Active Sales

    Actively contact your prospects in order to offer your product.

  • Relationship Activities

    Help your company to support relationship activities.

  • Personal Interviews Intercept

    Conducting interviews in public places with the aid of technological devices and uniformed interviewers.

  • Discussion Groups

    Organization, recruiting, moderation and analysis of discussion groups. We have our own research facility, fully equipped with two-way mirror, latest technology video and audio recording and soundproof viewing room.

  • In-depth Interviews

    Scheduling, applying, recording, transcription and analysis of non-structured interviews.

  • Central Locations

    Organization of quantitative product tests, creative materials evaluation, such as packages, labels and ads in spaces arranged for this purpose.

  • Technical Resources

    - 1,500 CATI positions in Portuguese and Spanish. - Proprietary Survey Software. - Dedicated monitoring team. - Statistics processing: SPSS and WinCross. - Incentive program based on productivity and quality. - Own IT support, power generator and VOIP resources.

  • CATI (Telephone Interviews)

    Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews, including digital recording, online monitoring, web questionnaire and database.

  • Events and Meetings

    Working from the concept going through design, interactivity, production, execution and finally reporting of your event or meeting, we will pursue every detail in order to make the ultimate experience.

  • Tradeshow Exhibits

    Showcase and demonstrate your latest products, service, study activities of competitors and examine recent market trends and opportunities.

  • Consumer Activations

    Deploy live consumers interactions that will engage your consumer throughout their journey.

  • Retail Engagement

    Design retail engagement programs that can help your product or service knowledge be multiplied throughout the retailers, always focusing on your customer needs.

  • Interactive Engagement

    We believe that creativity needs to be aligned with clear strategic thinking, reliable and cost-efficient production, superior execution and accurate measurement.

  • Brand Experiences

    Developing experiences that are relevant, innovative and creative for brands that pursue real consumer engagement.

  • Institutional videos

    Your company's institutional video is its calling card, but with a lot more content – introducing your work philosophy, mission, values, segment of activity. Reinforcement for your corporate image and business concept.

  • Training videos

    Training videos transmit special contents and sales strategies. They depict and define customer service situations, and production and operational processes, through deploying teaching/learning resources in audiovisual formats. Used in distance education and interacting/supporting classroom training.

  • Corporate TVs

    Corporate TV humanizes relationships and drives uniformity for messages within your business. A corporate communication medium that informs, qualifies and drives business. Transmitted periodically – daily, weekly, monthly – to direct or indirect staff, customers, clients or suppliers.

  • Advertising

    Attack the market and please consumers. Advertising. Move products out of your inventory. Put your brand's real flavor in people's mouths. Choose your director. The best equipped and well-oiled team is ready to produce your film. For TV, cinema or the new media options.